Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg

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Valerie Lewis & Barney Saltzberg introduce Oops!
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2010 NAPPA Gold Award
2010 PAL Award (Play Advances Language) for promoting language development
2011 Teacher's Choice Award for the Family

KIRKUS Star Review

A pleasingly tactile exploration of the possibilities inherent in mistakes. "A torn piece of paper... / is just the beginning!" Spills, folded paper, drips of paint, smudges and smears—they "all can make magic appear." An increasingly complex series of scenarios celebrates random accidents, encouraging artistic experimentation rather than discouragement. The folded-over paper can be a penguin's head; a torn piece of newsprint can turn into a smiling dog with a little application of paint; a hot-chocolate stain can become a bog for a frog. Thanks to a telescoping pop-up, a hole is filled with nearly limitless possibilities. The interactive elements work beautifully with the photo-collaged "mistakes," never overwhelming the intent with showiness. Saltzberg's trademark cartoon animals provide a sweetly childlike counterpoint to the artful scribbles and smears of gloppy paint. A festive invitation to creative liberation.(Pop-up. 4-12)