Beautiful Oops! Paper Plates

This year, when Donna—an art specialist at Hanscom Primary School— returned to school in September, she found that hundreds of paper plates somehow got soaked in blue watercolor paint over the summer. At first, she thought “Oh no, I have to throw these all out.” But then she remembered that she had bought Barney’s book, Beautiful Oops!, because it fit in with her school’s philosophy: Try, try again, try a new way; mistakes help us learn; and it’s too soon to quit! She had been thinking for a while about what art lesson would work with the book and voila! It was right in front of her. When she saw that Barney was going to be speaking at the Art of Education online Winter Conference 2016, she registered right away. During Barney’s talk, there was mention of entering to win a Skype visit for your school on his website. Imagine her surprise when she found out that Hanscom Primary School was the winner! They arranged the Skype visit for Friday, March 18th. The week before the Skype visit, Donna shared the book with all of her 2nd and 3rd graders. They brainstormed ideas for what they could turn the plates into. Some of the ideas were: oceans, moons, skies, faces with blue hair and more. Then each student turned an Oops plate into a Beautiful Oops! piece of art, which they surprised Barney with during the Skype session! Click here for the full gallery of Beautiful Oops! Paper Plates.

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Beautiful Oops! The book that inspired the program

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