A Beautiful Oops! Computer Activity

Throughout the school year, Tara Recor teaches four different thinking types to Kindergarten students through mini lessons that are literature based at Edgewood Elementary School in Harford County, Maryland. Last year, she used Beautiful Oops! to introduce visual/spatial thinking, but this year, she wanted to be able to extend the lesson into the computer lab for Ms. North’s class.

After reading the book and watching the video on YouTube, Kindergarten students from Ms. North’s class used “Mistakes” from the school’s art classroom.

IMG_5654 (2) IMG_5653 (2)

Ms. Muscaro, the art teacher, was kind enough to collect them for this lesson! The students chose one piece of oops art, and they were directed to cut out parts and use parts to create a beautiful oops. Some students found pieces that they could use and cut them out of the discarded art, adding details to make their own piece of work. A circular pattern was cut in half to become angel wings. A pencil-shaded shape was cut out and transformed into a rocket ship. Small pieces of tissue paper were incorporated into a city. Parts of egg drawings became umbrellas and monsters.

IMG_5682 IMG_5680

IMG_5672 IMG_5656

After the in-class art time, Ms. North’s students came to the computer lab where images from the Beautiful Oops! Educator’s Guide were on pages in Pixie 3. The Kindergarten students used the paint tools to add to and erase parts of the images to create new pictures. These lessons allowed students to show their creativity with both traditional and electronic art tools. And more importantly, they were fun!

IMG_5693 IMG_5704

IMG_5698 IMG_5697

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Beautiful Oops! The book that inspired the program

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