Beautiful Oops for Adults!

Natalie Monterastelli is the founder of the Stars Over the Mountain blog and the director of an early childhood arts center, Bubbles Academy. After reading Beautiful Oops!, she gave copies to the preschool art teachers so that they could keep the book’s message in mind while teaching and in their artistic practice.

Recently, during a staff meeting, Natalie and her colleagues created some Beautiful Oops! art themselves. At a time of transition, they used their staff meeting as a time to reflect on their programming and do the very best they can within the things that they can control. To practice this in a fun, oops way, Natalie invited everyone to create a piece of art that represented them in some way—both individually and as a group. The only parameter was that they only use the materials provided (banner paper that had water spilled on it, scrap paper, dot paint, shaving cream, and finger paint—with no paint brushes or scissors). They all had fun creating a perfectly, imperfect collaborative piece!

Oops Art 1

Oops Art 2

Learn more about Natalie’s experience with Beautiful Oops! and what she learned here.

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Beautiful Oops! The book that inspired the program

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